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Frequently asked questions?

Q: Can I really copy/amend/edit your course materials and use them to deliver training courses?
Of course, are unique in that we totally allow you to copy /edit and duplicate all of our course materials over and over again. Please note that we do not allow you to re-sell materials to third parties.

Q: Is your site payment secure?
Yes, our payment partner is PayPal (click on their logo for further details)
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Q: What if I need help in understanding some of the theory or tasks that I have downloaded?
We are confident that our materials are well written, easy to use and practical to run. If you need clarification on anything, we would be delighted to help you further. Just contact us with your query.

Q: Who writes the course materials?
Over 95% of our training notes and materials are original and have been created and written by us. We are unable to claim, nor would we wish to do so, that all of our materials are original or wholly written by us. This site aims to provide “useable” training course materials. Some of our materials have been gathered from and shared with excellent training associates throughout the years. Where possible we have given credit to authors and/or the originator of training materials. A few of the materials featured, we have been unable to identify the original author source.

Q: Can I change the course content to suit my training style or delegates needs?
Yes. Remember upon purchase you’re free to amend/change whatever you want. There are no restrictions in what you wish to do with your training course.

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